Brief History

Renewal of Life COGIC ("ROL") was founded by Pastor Jeffery Simmons. The first service was held on September 10, 1995 at Carter Street Recreation Center in Rochester, New York.  Within two years, the church purchased and renovated a building on Portland Avenue. After 19 years at 93 Portland Avenue, ROL has followed God's guidance to continue his work at 3701 Trolley Road, Palmyra, NY. Regardless of location, ROL has always had a strong heart for pursuing the work of God and serving the community. The ministry throughout the years focused on many principles  some of them being worship, teaching, serving and evangelism. 

ROL is a place dedicated to helping individuals discover and grow in their walk with Christ  by "renewing our minds and thus, changing the way we think about life". Come visit us and learn more. We already welcome you to the ROL Family.  


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Our Pastor & First Lady

Pastor Jeffery & Jonvonna Simmons

Pastor Jeffery & Jonvonna Simmons work together in ministry. Both graduated from Empire State College with Bachelor of Science degrees.  They have been married since since 1988 and are parents to three children and grandparents of two children.  

Both are anointed to preach and teach the word of God and live their lives as example as they guide the church. Their love and kindness for people have drawn individuals from varoius backgrounds and ages. They believe in empowering and loving people and embracing the truth of the gospel.  

Pastor Jeffery & Jonvonna Simmons truly have a heart and passion for Christ and for ROL!  They would be happy to meet you!