Tha state or fact of existing or occurring in a place or thing. 

John 15:9 

 As the Father has loved me so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. 

Take a moment to sit in silence and think of how Jesus has impacted your life. Jesus is all around us. He is everywhere.  Jesus is not just our Lord and savior, He is our friend. Jesus is our companion for life to walk with us. The greatest gift that could ever be given to anyone has been given. He gave His life to save our souls. Sometimes we get too busy in our days, myself included; to see how Jesus has been present through out our day. If you take a moment to think of a time when Jesus revealed himself to you, you would see that it really has been every minute of your day. From when you first open your eyes right up to when you make home and relax to go to bed. Jesus is always there.

Sister Ella.