The scripture declares in Habakkuk write the vision and make it plain. A vision is a road map to where you see your self in the future. When one has a vision, one will develop a plan, go after resources for the plan, and will accomplish the plan.  

Vision will cause one’s life to have purpose, without a vision the people will perish! Are you tired of having a bored life? If so, get a vision or help someone else with their vision and you will have purpose in your life.  

“ Remember life becomes a blurr without a vision” 

Lunch N the Parking Lot

ROL spends our summer months fellowshipping with our community. We start the first luncheon on the 1st Saturday in July.  




Congratulations to Edith, Bonita, Gerald, and James for completing Microsoft word training.  Continue to work hard and increase your computer skills.

Focus & Determined

Kamarrah earned her bachelor and master degree in accounting and passed her examined to become a Certified Public Accountant. She completed these educational requirments within 5 yrs. She stayed focus and determined and achieved her short term goal and now moving to achieving her long term goal. 

We give God all the praise... "You Go Girl!"  



Pastor Retreat

I'm presently in the men's retreat at the Radisson hotel. Having a good time and learning much. Bishop Wright God bless you for this great time.





Sis Bunton, Missionary William, and Sis Santaigo just recieved a certificate for completing computer training in Microsoft word. Congratulations all!